10 Myths and Misconceptions About Dating Agencies

In our crazy everyday life, we are increasingly faced with the problem of lack of time for arranging personal life. Sometimes we simply don’t have enough spare minutes just to have a good time in a favorite cafe, and maybe to make acquaintance there. Not everyone considers it acceptable to address a marriage agency due to certain biases and misconceptions. Let’s try to understand the reliability of certain facts that have overgrown this industry.

1. Getting Acquainted in a Marriage Agency is a Shame

You should think first of yourself, and not about what other people will say (also because they will talk about you in any case, regardless of what you have done and what you have not done, and this fact). 

2. It’s Impossible to Fall in Love in Correspondence

According to studies, people feel more confident if they do not feel the presence of the interlocutor. In a quiescent state, it is much easier to clear up your thoughts and bare your soul. When meeting people, you can be nervous or try to impress. In correspondence, people simply remain themselves.

3. The Agency I Choose Should Have the Largest Database

Possession of a large database most likely means that it has a lot of real ballast, therefore it is better if the agency has not so large, but a “fluid” database, which is regularly updated, and from which customers “leave” in pairs, which is a good indicator.

4. They won’t Find Me a Suitable Girl

Almost all agencies work schemes are designed in such a way that you have the opportunity to meet with various candidates suitable for your request.

5. Marriage Agency Services Are Very Expensive

A good agency has a selection of programs for dating not only oligarchs but also for people of average income.

6. Women Only Look for Rich Men

Not only. Such agencies are mainly approached by people with adequate requests.

7. The Contract With the Agency Is a Guarantee of Marriage

Well, of course not. If you are told this, it will be deception or the result of a desire to encourage. In the marriage agency, you are guaranteed assistance with all available tools.

8. Only Losers Resort to Dating Agencies

It’s not true. There are a huge number of people who simply do not have enough time for personal life. Here you can also add their limited circle of contacts.

9. I Am Handsome and Smart, They Will Probably Take Me for Free

You pay only for work. Therefore, there is equality for everyone. Successful and sane people don’t associate a payment with their appearance or success.

10. Dating Agencies Employ Scammers

At the agency, all conditions are transparent and voiced before the conclusion of the contract, so you are always aware of what you can count on and when.

Dating agencies are another way to help you meet a soul mate, even though there is not enough time for anything, but the desire to love and be loved lives in you.

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