10 Signs That a Partner Is Not Your Fit

Sometimes, relationships hang in the balance: both have long forgotten what love, trust respect, care, and devotion are. However, the couple continues to hold on to the relationship as a lifeline, unable to recognize the main thing — they are not a good match. For some reason, both continue to believe that some miracle will happen, and the lump of problems will resolve itself. But this does not happen, parting is inevitable. How to recognize it’s time to let each other go?

Quarrels have Become Commonplace

If your relationship more and more resembles a minefield, where everyone fights for their rights and rules, you don’t remember a day without a scandal that takes an increasingly threatening form — this is the first sign that the relationship has exhausted itself and you are not a perfect fit. Think about how long you turned from two loving people into enemies?

Wall of Misunderstanding

It is very important that both of you profess the same principles, have common views on your own future and similar life aspirations. If you notice that you speak different languages, your interests, values, and ideals completely contradict each other — you have different paths to follow.

The list of main signs showing a partner is not the right person to maintain a relationship with:

  1. He/she insults you, hurts or humiliates you with words. Even if he/she apologizes, don’t be deceived, this behavior is unacceptable.
  2. The partner is dangerous or aggressive. Does he threaten to harm you or himself if you leave him? You are being held hostage, it’s time to end the relationship.
  3. As a “punishment” for a misdemeanor, he or she begins to ignore you or treat you extremely cold. This is manipulation.
  4. The partner scolds you, shouts, allows himself slaps, jolts, buffets.
  5. He/she suddenly disappears for a while without any explanations.
  6. Partner allows himself the behavior described above but blames you or former partners for the unsuccessful outcome of the relationship.
  7. Partner hides information about his/her life from you. You do not participate in decision-making, financial and family affairs of the partner.
  8. Your opinion doesn’t mean anything. The partner immediately rejects any offers.
  9. You do not participate in a partner’s social life, he/she only communicates with friends. You are left alone, but you are required to cook, wash, take care of children and perform other duties. You feel like a servant without a salary.

If you notice any of the above signs in a relationship, it’s time to leave. You deserve a prosperous and joyful life with a person who will love you and take care of you.

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