10 Tips for a Successful Marriage

The easiest step for many couples who love each other is to say yes to each other in the registry office. But then comes the most difficult stage. They need to live happily in grief and joy. In this article, we will give some recommendations on how to do this correctly. 

1. Talk

It will be ideal if, before marriage, you discuss with your chosen one how you see your marriage and what your goals are. Adjust your views so that both are comfortable.

2. Leave Conflicts Between You

Never complain about your husband to family or friends. You do not have to do this because of the following:

  • You have chosen this person yourself. Therefore, complaining about something is stupid.
  • An attempt to find support on the side will offend your soul mate even more.
  • Your family is just both of you.

3. You Are Not Children

Do not try to reeducate your chosen one. After all, you already fell in love with him. Who said that you have the right to break someone else’s identity? 

4. Try to Do More Things Together

Try to remember how wonderful you spent time together before the wedding. Be sure to leave time for each other, for joint romantic walks or hobbies. Discuss books and films, do common things, build joint plans, support each other, and ask for advice.

5. Discuss Your Problems

Do not hold a grudge in yourself. The problems do not disappear if you do nothing about them. Subsequently, resentment only grows stronger and creates other problems.

6. Parents

Do you love and respect your parents? Of course, you do. But try to explain to your parents that you value their advice, but you will build a family life with your husband and not with them. Then you will have the right to expect the same understanding from the mother-in-law.

7. Personal Time

Before the wedding, you had friends, hobbies, so it makes no sense to abandon them in family life. After all, your second half liked you because you were a comprehensive personality. Discuss how much time and when you can spend it to make everything convenient for both. And give the same time to the partner.

8. Compliments

Do not forget to please your loved ones, give gifts and surprises, and say compliments. Even simple gratitude improves the atmosphere in the house. 

9. Budget

You can make and spend money differently, but big purchases are best done together. It would be ideal to develop a joint approach to the monetary issue and take into account the needs equally. Do not let the money stay between you.

10. Sex

Never leave sex in the last place! And do not make it a commodity. Intimacy should be a mutual joy. And if you are not comfortable, then simply talk about this. The family is a common organism, and if it gets sick in one place, then the whole body will suffer soon. Therefore, make sure to follow each of the discussed points. 

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