Ten Fears Women Have About Men

Sharing your life with another individual can be scary. What if he or she is not the one? What if the spark is gone after a few years of marriage? Surely, women have their hidden fears related to dating and matrimonial bonds. Here are the most common ones. 

1. She Will Lose Herself 

Singles, especially those that lived solo for a long time, are afraid of losing independence. Marriage looks unattractive to people whose top priority is their individuality. Of course, when true love hits, such concerns vanish. 

2. The Feelings Will Fade

Surely, it takes time to really know a person, and passion may wane. During the honeymoon stage, you are ecstatic. As you are getting to know each other, the bond will either get weaker or stronger. This is perfectly natural.

3. Her Career Will Be Hindered

Career-oriented women may be addicted to their own professional success. Family is perceived as an obstacle to further development, and its formation is therefore delayed. Such singles find it hard to balance their ambitions with the desire for genuine affection.

4. The “Forever” Aspect

As we grow older, fantasies about knights in shining armor collide with reality. Forever is now complicated. People become more accepting of divorce and even open marriages. Freedom of choice is being praised as a great achievement of human progress. 

5. Revealing Her Weaknesses

Spouses need to support each other in their weakest moments. Showing these sides of character may feel uncomfortable. Feminism has made normal female vulnerabilities something to be ashamed of. 

6. He Will Be Like Her Ex

Women, especially those who were in abusive relationships before, can be scared of seeing history repeat itself. Such thoughts are dangerous, as they can sabotage any relationship. 

7. She Will Feel Disrespected

Aside from infidelity, a woman may fear disrespect in general. What if the partner will start humiliating you? This is detrimental to a woman’s ego. Such phobias may stem from her previous relationships.

8. She Will Settle for Something Mediocre

This may be rooted in her own experience or that of her close friends. Of course, in our desperation to fight loneliness, we may choose unsuitable candidates. It is important to know your own mind.

9. She Is Not Beautiful Enough

Women dissatisfied with their looks grow even more insecure due to the modern obsession with perfection. She may think she has to be flawless, whereas her true Mr. Right may still fall in love with her regardless of her wrinkles or stretch marks.

10. Motherhood Is Not For Her

This fear is becoming more and more common as the notion of childfree life is gaining followers. In Western societies, kids are associated with an overwhelming burden of responsibility and suffering, both physical and moral. This is, of course, an unfair generalization.

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